Glycosylation-dependent lectin-receptor interactions preserve angiogenesis in anti-VEGF refractory tumors

Diego O. Croci, Juan P. Cerliani, Tomas Dalotto-Moreno, Santiago P. Méndez-Huergo, Ivan D. Mascanfroni, Sebastián Dergan-Dylon, Marta A. Toscano, Julio J. Caramelo, Juan J. García-Vallejo, Jing Ouyang, Enrique A. Mesri, Melissa R. Junttila, Carlos Bais, Margaret A. Shipp, Mariana Salatino and Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Cell (2014) 156 (4) 744-758

This paper has been highlighted:
a) in the cover of Cell as feature article “Escaping VEGF blockade”,
b) as “Leading Edge Article” by Cell with the commentary: “Galectin-1 Pulls the Strings on VEGFR2” (Pamela Stanley, Cell 2014; 156:625-6),
c) in Nature Medicine (20; 3:250) “Tumors Fight back with a lectin” (M. Bason)
d) in Cancer Discovery (AACR: 2015; doi:10.1158/2159-8290.CD-RW2014-046)

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Microbial driven TLR5-dependent signaling governs distal malignant progression through tumor-promoting inflammation

Melanie R. Rutkowski, Tom L. Stephen, Nikolaos Svoronos, Michael J. Allegrezza, ,Alfredo Perales-Puchalt, Ximena Escovar-Fadul, Amelia J. Tesone, Jenny Nguyen, Mark G. Cadungog, Rugang Zhang, Mariana Salatino, Julia Tchou, Gabriel A. Rabinovich and Jose R. Conejo-Garcia

Cancer Cell (2014), 2014 Dec 18. pii: S1535-6108(14)00460-7

This paper has been highlighted:
a) Nature Review Cancer,
b) Cancer Discovery.

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Galectin-1 deactivates classically-activated microglia and protects from inflammation-induced neurodegeneration

Sarah C. Starossom, Ivan D. Mascanfroni, Jaime Imitola, Li Cao, Khadir Raddassi, Silvia F. Hernandez, Ribal Bassil, Diego O. Croci, Juan P. Cerliani, Delphine Delacour, Yue Wang, Wassim Elyaman, Samia J. Khoury, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Immunity(2012) 37:249-263.

This paper has been highlighted:
a) in Science for the “Editor’s Choice section” (Taming the microglia, Science 2012; 337, 891)
b) as Feature Article Immunity ( Feature Article por Immunity. Galectin-1 for neuroprotection? Nonaka M, Fukuda M. Immunity. 2012 Aug 24;37(2):187-9)
c) by F1000 Faculty of Biology as “Must Read”

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Tolerogenic signals delivered by dendritic cells to T cells via a galectin-1-driven immunoregulatory circuit involving IL-27- and IL-10

Juan M. Ilarregui, Diego O. Croci, Germán A. Bianco, Marta Toscano, Mariana Salatino, Mónica Vermeulen, Jorge Geffner & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Nature Immunology (2009) 10: 981–991.

This study has been ranked in the Top 10 of Nature Immunology (August 2009) and selected by The 1000 Faculty Biology as “Exceptional”.

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Differential glycosylation of TH1, TH2 and TH17 effector cells selectively regulates susceptibility to cell death

Marta A. Toscano, Germán A. Bianco, Juan M. Ilarregui, Diego Croci, Jorge Correale, Joseph Hernandez, Norberto W. Zwirner, Francoise Poirier, Eleanor Riley, Linda G. Baum & Gabriel Rabinovich

Nature Immunology (2007) 8:825 – 834

This paper was highlighted as a ‘feature article’ in Nature (July 2007) and Nature Reviews Immunology (July 2007), selected by the Faculty of 1000 Biology as “Must Read” and ranked as the most read paper (1st place) of Nature Immunology (September 2007).

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Targeted inhibition of galectin-1 gene expression in tumor cells results in heightened T-cell-mediated rejection: a potential mechanism of tumor-immune privilege

Natalia Rubinstein, Mariano Alvarez, Norberto Zwirner, Marta Toscano, Juan M. Ilarregui, Alicia Bravo, José Mordoh, Leonardo Fainboim, Osvaldo Podhajcer & Gabriel Rabinovich

Cancer Cell (2004) 5: 241-251.

This paper has been selected by Cancer Cell for its March 2004 issue cover and highlighted by Nature Rev Cancer (April 2004). These findings have been recently confirmed by other groups in several tumor types including melanoma, pancreatic adenocarcinoma, neuroblastoma and lung carcinoma (for a detailed description of these tumor types please see our recent review (Rabinovich and Croci, Immunity 2012; 36:322-35; cover).

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Disrupting galectin-1 interactions with N-glycans suppresses hypoxia-driven angiogenesis and tumorigenesis in Kaposi’s sarcoma

Diego O. Croci , Mariana Salatino, Natalia Rubinstein, Juan P. Cerliani, Lucas Cavallin, Howard J. Leung, Jing Ouyang, Juan M. Ilarregui, Marta A. Toscano, Carolina Domaica, María C. Croci, Enrique Mesri, Adriana Albini & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Journal of Experimental Medicine (2012) 209:1985-2000.

This study has been highlighted in the cover of J Exp Med (August issue)

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A pivotal role for galectin-1 in feto-maternal tolerance

Sandra M. Blois, Juan M. Ilarregui, Mareike Tometten, Mariana García, Arif Suphi Orsal, Rosalia Cordo-Russo, Marta A Toscano, Germán Bianco, Bori Handjiski, Irene Tirado, Udo R. Markert, Francoise Poirier, Julia Szekeres-Bartho & Petra C Arck*, Gabriel Rabinovich*

Nature Medicine (2007) 13:1450-1457 (*equal contribution).

This paper was highlighted by Nature (December 2007) and Nature Reviews Immunology (January 2008). The clinical relevance of these findings has also been demonstrated in human pregnancy (Ramhorst et al., Glycobiology 2012; 22:1374-86).

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The AP1-dependent secretion of galectin-1 by Reed-Sternberg cells fosters immune privilege in classical Hodgkin lymphoma

Przemyslaw Juszczynski, Jing Ouyang, Jeffery Kutok, Stefano Monti, Wen Chen, Paola Dal Cin, Jeremy Abramson, Kunihiko Takeyama, Todd Golub, Jon Aster, Gabriel Rabinovich, Margaret Shipp

Proceedings of the National Academy of Science USA (2007) 104: 13134-13139.

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A unique galectin signature in human prostate cancer progression suggests galectin-1 as a key target for treatment of advanced disease

Diego Laderach, Lucas Gentilini, Laura Giribaldi, Victor Cardenas Delgado, Lorena Nugnes, Diego Croci, Nader Al Nakouzi, Paula Sacca, Jeff Kutok, Gabriel Casas, Osvaldo Mazza, Elba Vazquez, Anne Chauchereau, Scott Rodig, María T Elola, Daniel Compagno and Gabriel Rabinovich

Cancer Research (2013) 73:86-96

This study has been highlighted by a Commentary in “Nature Reviews Urology” and has been selected as the cover of the January Issue of the journal.

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Recombinant galectin-1 and its genetic delivery suppress collagen-induced arthritis via T cell apoptosis

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Gordon Daily, Hanna Dreja, Hitakshi Tailor, Clelia Riera, Jun Hirabayashi & Yuti Chernajovsky

Journal of Experimental Medicine (1999) 190:385-398.

This paper has been highlighted by a News & Views article in Nature (August 1999).The findings reported in this study have been verified in different models of autoimmune inflammation as summarized (Rabinovich and Toscano, Nature Reviews Immunology 2009; 9:338-52).

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A novel function for galectin-1 at the crossroad of innate and adaptive immunity: Galectin-1 regulates monocyte/ macrophage physiology through a non-apoptotic ERK-dependent pathway

Paula Barrionuevo, Macarena Beiger-Bompadre, Juan M Ilarregui, Marta Toscano, Germán Bianco, Martín Isturiz, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Journal of Immunology (2007) 178: 436-445

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Galectin-1 suppresses autoimmune retinal inflammation by promoting concomitant T helper-2- and T regulatory-mediated anti-inflammatory responses

Marta A. Toscano, Alessandra Commadoro, Juan Ilarregui, Germán Bianco, Ana Liberman, Horacio M. Serra, Jun Hirabayashi, Luis V. Rizzo, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Journal of Immunology (2006) 176: 6323-6332.

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Targeting galectin-1 overcomes breast cancer associated immunosuppression and prevents metastatic disease

Tomás Dalotto Moreno , Diego O. Croci , Juan P. Cerliani , Verónica C. Martínez Allo , Sebastián Dergan-Dylon, Santiago P. Méndez Huergo , Juan Carlos Stupirski, Daniel Mazal , Eduardo Osinaga , Marta A. Toscano,Victoria Sundblad , Gabriel A. Rabinovich*, Mariana Salatino*.

Cancer Research2013, 73: 1107–1117 (*equal contribution).

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Differential response of myeloid-derived suppressor cells to the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agent indomethacin in tumor-associated and tumor-free microenvironments.

Blidner AG, Salatino M, Mascanfroni ID, Diament MJ, Bal de Kier Joffé E, Jasnis MA, Klein SM, Rabinovich GA.

J Immunol. 2015 Apr 1;194(7):3452-62.

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Review articles

Immunosuppressive strategies that are mediated by tumor cells

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Dmitry Gabrilovich & Eduardo Sotomayor

Annual Reviews Immunology (2007) 25: 267-96

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Regulatory circuits mediated by lectin-glycan interactions in autoimmunity and cancer

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Diego O. Croci .

Immunity(2012)36: 322-335.

Selected for the Cover of March 2004 issue of Immunity.
Selected in the Top 10 Articles of Immunity in 2012.

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Turning ‘sweet’ on immunity: Galectin-glycan interactions in immune tolerance and inflammation.

Gabriel. Rabinovich & Marta Toscano

Nature Reviews Immunology (2009) 9:338-352

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Galectins as modulators of tumor progression.

Fu-Tong Liu & Gabriel Rabinovich

Nature Reviews Cancer (2005) 5:29-41.

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Protein-glycan interactions in the control of innate and adaptive immune responses

Yvette van Kooyk & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Nature Immunology (2008) 9:593-601.

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Glycan-dependent binding of galectin-1 to neuropilin-1 promotes axonal regeneration following spinal cord injury.

Héctor R. Quinta, Laura Pasquini, Gabriel Rabinovich*, Juana Pasquini*.

Cell Death Differ. 2014 Jun;21(6):941-55 (*equal contribution).
Selected as feature article.

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Structural basis of redox-dependent modulation of galectin-1 dinamics and function.

Carlos M. Guardia, Julio J. Caramelo*, Madia Trujillo, Santiago Méndez Huergo, Rafael Radi, Darío Estrín*, Gabriel A. Rabinovich*.

Glycobiology- In press- 2014 (*equal contribution).

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Galectin-1 controls cardiac inflammation and ventricular remodeling during acute myocardial infarction.

Ignacio M. Seropian, Juan P. Cerliani, Stefano Toldo, Benjamín W. Van Tassell, Juan M. Ilarregui, Germán E. Gonzalez, Mirian Matoso, Fadi N. Salloum, Ryan Melchior, Ricardo J. Gelpi, Juan C. Stupirski, Alejandro Benatar, Karina A. Gómez, Celina Morales, Antonio Abbate, and Gabriel A. Rabinovich.

American Journal of Pathology2013, 182:29-40.

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Nurse-like cells control the activity of chronic lymphocytic leukemia B cells via galectin-1

Diego O. Croci Pablo E. Morande, Sebastián Dergan Dylon, Mercedes Borge, Marta A. Toscano, Juan C. Stupirski, Raimundo F. Bezares, Julio Sánchez Avalos, Marina Narbaitz, Romina Gamberale, Gabriel A. Rabinovich*, Mirta Giordano*.

Leukemia2013, 27: 1413-1416 (*equal contribution).

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‘Sweetening’ pregnancy: galectins at the fetomaternal interface

Ada Blidner and Gabriel A. Rabinovich

American Journal of Reproductive Immunology 2013, 69:369-382

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TNFRp55 controls regulatory T cell responses in Yersinia-induced reactive arthritis

Ethelina Cargnelutti, José L. Arias, Susana R. Valdez, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, María S. Di Genaro

Immunology & Cell Biology2013, 91: 159-166

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Mast cells rescue implantation defects caused by c-kit deficiency.

Katja Woidacki, Milan Popovic, Martin Metz, Anne Leber, Franziska Schäfer, Nadja Linzke, Ana Teles, Francoise Poirier, Stefan Fest, Federico Jensen, Gabriel Rabinovich*, Marcus Maurer*, Ana Claudia Zenclussen*

Cell Death & Disease(2013) 4: e462 (*equal contribution).

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Glycobiology of cell death: when glycans and lectins govern cell fate

Rachel Lichtenstein and Gabriel Rabinovich

Cell Death & Differentiation (2013) 20:976-986

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Delineating the ‘galectin signature’ of the tumor microenvironment

Daniel Compagno, Diego Laderach, Lucas Gentilini, Felipe Jarowski, Gabriel Rabinovich

Oncoimmunology (2013) 2:e23565.

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Galectin-1 serum levels reflect tumor burden and adverse clinical features in Hodgkin lymphoma

Jing Ouyang, Annette Plütschow, Elke Pogge, Sabine Ponader, Gabriel Rabinovich, Donna Neuberg, Andreas Engert and Margaret A. Shipp

Blood(2013) 121:3431-3433.

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Interstrain differences in chronic hepatitis and tumor development in a murine model of inflammation-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis.

Tamara Potikha, Evgenyi Stoyanov, Orit Pappo, Antonina Frolov, Lina Mizrahi, Deborah Olam, Temima Shnitzer-Perlman, Ido Weiss, Neta Sade, Amnon Peled, Francoise Poirier, Gabriel Rabinovich, Eithan Galun, Daniel Goldenberg

Hepatology (2013) 58:192-204

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Galectins in hematological malignancies

Mirta Giordano, Diego O. Croci and Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Current Opinion Hematology (2013) 20:327-335.

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Thwarting galectin-induced immunosuppression in breast cancer

Mariana Salatino, Tomas Dalotto Moreno, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Oncoimmunology(2013) 2(5):e24077

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Galectin-3 negatively regulates the frequency and function of CD4+ CD25+FoxP3+ regulatory T cells during the course of leishmania major infection

Marise L. Fermino, Fabrício C. Dias, Carla D. Lopes, Maria Aparecida Souza, Ângela K Cruz, Roger Chammas, Fu-Tong Liu, Maria Cristina Roque-Barreira, Emerson S. Bernardes*, Gabriel A. Rabinovich*.

European Journal of Immunology (2013) 43:1806-1817 (*equal contribution).

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Trophoblast-derived galectin-1 confers immune privilege to human placenta: clinical implications in recurrent fetal loss

Rosanna E. Ramhorst, Laura Giribaldi, Laura Fracaroli, Marta A. Toscano, Juan C. Stupirski, Marta D. Romero, Mariana Salatino, Sandra Durand, Natalia Rubinstein, Astrid Blaschitz, Peter Sedlmayr, Susana Genti-Raimondi, Leonardo Fainboim & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Glycobiology (2012) 22:1374-1386.

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Binding of galectin-1 to αiiβ3 integrin triggers ‘outside-in’ signals to stimulate platelet activation and control hemostasis in vivo

M. Albertina Romaniuk. Diego O. Croci, M. Julia Lapponi, M. Virginia Tribulatti, Soledad Negrotto, Francoise Poirier, Oscar Campetella, & Mirta Schattner, Gabriel A. Rabinovich.

FASEB Journal (2012) 26:2788-2798

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Integrating structure and function of ‘tandem-repeat’ galectins

María F. Troncoso, María T. Elola, Diego O. Croci, & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Frontiers in Bioscience (2012)S4:864-887.

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Human neuroblastoma triggers an immunoevasive program involving galectin-1-dependent modulation of T cell and dendritic cell compartments

Rocio Soldati, Elisa Berger, Ana C. Zenclussen, Gerhard Jorch, Burkhart Schraven, Mariana Salatino, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Stefan Fest

International Journal of Cancer (2012) 131:1131-1141.

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Glycobiology of immune responses

Gabriel A Rabinovich, Yvette van Kooyk & Brian Cobb

Annals New York Academy of Science (2012) 1253:1-15.

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Murine lymphomas selected in vivo by growth rate are distinguished by aggressiveness, galectin-1 expression and response to cyclophosphamide

Mariano Zacarías Fluck, Leandro Hess, Mariana Salatino, Diego Croci, Juan C. Stupirski, Ricardo J. Di Masso, Eduardo Roggero, Gabriel A. Rabinovich& Olga G Scharovsky

Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy (2012) 61:469-480.

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Dexamethasone counteracts the immunostimulary effects of triiodothyronine (T3) on dendritic cells

María M. Montesinos, Vanina A. Alamino, Iván D. Mascanfroni, Sebastián Susperreguy, Nicolás Gigena, Ana M. Masini-Repiso, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Claudia G. Pellizas

Steroids (2012) 77:67-76

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Histone deacetylase inhibitors compromise NK cell viability and effector functions through inhibition of receptor expression

Lucas E Rossi; Damián Avila, Germán Spallanzani, Andrea Ziblat, Diego Croci, Gabriel A Rabinovich; Carolina Domaica & Norberto W. Zwirner

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2012) 91:321-331

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Endogenous galectin-3 controls experimental malaria in a parasite species-specific manner

Marta A. Toscano, Eric Trongen, Brian de Souza, Fu-Tong Liu, Eleanor Riley, Gabriel Rabinovich

Parasite Immunology (2012) 34:383-387.

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Galectin-1 Markedly Reduces the Incidence of Resorptions in Mice Missing Immunophilin FKBP52

Yasushi Hirota, Kristin Burnum, Nura Acar, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Takiko Daikoku & Sudhansu K. Dey

Endocrinology (2012)53:2486-2493.

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Galectin-3 drives oligodendrocyte differentiation to control myelin integrity and function

Laura A. Pasquini, Violeta Millet, Hernán C. Hoyos, Juan P.Giannoni, Diego O.Croci, Fu-Tong Liu, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Juana M. Pasquini

Cell Death & Differentiation (2011) 18:1746-1756.

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Novel roles of galectin-1 in mediating hepatocellular carcinoma cell adhesion, polarization and in vivo tumor growth

María V. Espelt, Diego O Croci, Pablo Carabias, Malena Manzi, María T. Elola, Marina C. Muñoz, Fernando P. Dominici, Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & María F. Troncoso

Hepatology (2011) 53:2097-2106.

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When galectins recognize glycans: from biochemistry to physiology and back again

Santiago Di Lella, Victoria Sundblad, Juan Cerliani, Carlos Guardia, Dario Estrin, Gerardo Vasta & Gabriel Rabinovich

Biochemistry (2011) 50:7842-7857

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Nuclear factor κB controls expression and function of the immunoregulatory carbohydrate-binding protein galectin-1

Marta Toscano, Leonardo Campagna, Luciana Molinero, Ignacio Nojek, Mercedes Fuertes, Juan Fededa Diego Croci, Juan M. Ilarregui, Norberto Zwirner, Mónica Costas & Gabriel Rabinovich

Molecular Immunology(2011) 48: 1940-1949.

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Viral induction and targeted inhibition of galectin-1 in EBV+ posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorders.

Jing Ouyang, Przemyslaw Juszczynski, Evan O’Donnell, Myriam Armant, Scott Rodig, Kunihiko Takeyama, Stefano Monti, Gabriel Rabinovich, Jeffery Kutok, Jerome Ritz & Margaret Shipp

Blood (2011) 117:4315-22.

Highlight “Inside Blood” Section.

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Sulfated fucans, but not sulfated fucomannoglucuronans,determine theanti-inflammatory, anti-coagulant, anti-angiogenic and anti-tumoral activities of fucoidans from laminaria saccharina brown seaweed.

Diego O. Croci, Albana Cumashi, Natalia A. Ushakova, Marina E. Preobrazhenskaya, Antonio Piccoli, Licia Totani, Nadezhda E. Ustyuzhanina, Maria I. Bilan, Anatolii I. Usov, Alexey A. Grachev, Galina E. Morozevich, Albert E. Berman, Craig J. Sanderson, Maeve Kelly, Patrizia Di Gregori, Nicola Tinari, Stefano Iacobelli, & Nikolay E. Nifantiev, Gabriel A. Rabinovich (NEN and GAR share senior authorship)

Plos ONE (2011) 6:e17283.

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An integrated computational approach for the comparison of the structural, dynamical and ligand binding properties of the human galectin network.

Carlos Guardia, Diego F. Gauto, Santiago Di Lella, Gabriel Rabinovich, Marcelo A. Martí & Darío A. Estrin

Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, (2011) 51:1918-1930. Selected as cover of the issue.

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Fine-tuning anti-tumor responses through the control of galectin-glycan interactions

Mariana Salatino & Gabriel Rabinovich

Methods Molecular Biology (2011) 677:355-374.

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Galectins and microenvironmental niches during hematopoiesis

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Michel Vidal

Current Opinion in Hematology (2011) 18:443-451.

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Proteomic analysis identifies galectin-1 as a predictive biomarker for relapsed/refractory disease in classical Hodgkin lymphoma.

Peter Kamper, Maja Ludvigsen, Knud Bendix, Stephen Hamilton-Dutoit, Michael Boe Møller, Gabriel A. Rabinovich Jens Nyengaard, Bent Honoré & Francesco d’Amore

Blood (2011) 117:6638-6649.

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Regulated expression of galectin-3, a multifunctional glycan-binding protein, in haematopoietic and non-haematopoietic tissues.

Victor cárdenas delgado, lucas colombo, maría f. Troncoso, Lorena Nugnes, Marisa Fernandez, Emilio Malchiodi, Isabel Frahm, Diego Croci, Daniel Compagno, Gabriel Rabinovich, Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel & María T. Elola.

FASEB Journal (2011) 25:242-254.

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Modulation of endothelial cell migration and angiogenesis: a novel function for the tandem-repeat lectin galectin-8.

Victor cárdenas delgado, lucas colombo, maría f. Troncoso, Lorena Nugnes, Marisa Fernandez, Emilio Malchiodi, Isabel Frahm, Diego Croci, Daniel Compagno, Gabriel Rabinovich, Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel & María T. Elola.

FASEB Journal (2011) 25:242-254.

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Expanding the universe of cytokines and pattern recognition receptors: galectins and glycans in innate immunity

Juan Cerliani, Sean Stowell, Iván Mascanfroni, Connie Arthus, Richard D. Cummings & Gabriel Rabinovich

Journal of Clinical Immunology(2011) 31:10-21.

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Cell-type specific regulation of galectin-3 expression by glucocorticoids in lung Clara cells and macrophages

Cristina Maldonado, Victoria Sundblad, Mariana Salatino, Jorge Elias, Luciana N. Garcia, Diego Croci & Gabriel Rabinovich

Histology and Histopathology(2011) 26: 747-759.

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Endogenous lectins shape the function of dendritic cells and tailor adaptive immunity

Ivan Mascanfroni, Juan P. Cerliani, Sebastian Dergan-Dylon, Diego Croci, Juan Ilarregui, & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

International Immunopharmacology (2011) 11:831-838.

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TNFRp55modulates IL-6 and no responses following Yersinia lipopolyssacharide stimulation in peritoneal macrophages

Ricardo J Eliçabe, José L Arias, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & María S Di Genaro

Immunobiology (2011) 216:1322-1330

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The glycan-binding protein galectin-1 controls survival and function of small bowell epithelial cells

Cecilia Muglia, Natalia Mercer, Marta Toscano, Mirta Schattner, Roberto Pozner, Juan P. Cerliani, Gabriel A Rabinovich, Guillermo Docena (GAR and GD contributed equally to this work)

Cell Death and Disease (2011) 26;2:e163.

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Identification of galectins as novel regulators of platelet signaling and function.

Albertina Romaniuk, Soledad Negrotto, Oscar Campetella,,Gabriel Rabinovich & Mirta Schattner.

IUBMB Life (2011) 63:521-527

read more >

Coupling pathogen recognition to innate immunity via glycan-dependent mechanisms

Roberto Davicino, Ricardo Elicabe, Silvia Di Genaro& Gabriel A. Rabinovich

International Immunopharmacology (2011) 11:1457-1463.

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Nuclear factor κB-dependent thyroid receptor receptor βeta expression controls dendritic cell function through a PI3K-independent AKT-dependent pathway

Iván D. Mascanfroni, S. Susperreguy, Susana Montesinos, Laura Cervi, Ana Repiso, Gabriel Rabinovich, Claudia Pellizas

Journal of Biological Chemistry (2010) 285: 9569-9582.

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MLL-rearranged B lymphoblastic leukemias selectively express the immunoregulatory carbohydrate-binding protein galectin-1.

Przemyslaw Juszczynsk, Scott J. Rodig, Jing Ouyang, Evan O`Donnell, Kunihiko Takeyama, Wojciech Miynarski, Katarzyna Mycko, Tomasz Szczepanski, Anna Gaworczyk, Andrei Krivtsov, Joerg Faber, Amit U. Sinha, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Scott A. Armstrong, Jeffery L. Kutok, & Margaret A. Shipp

Clinical Cancer Research (2010) 16:2122-2130.

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A sweet path toward tolerance in the gut

Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Nature Medicine (2010) 16: 1076–1077.

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Lack of TNFRp55 promotes heightened IFN-γ and IL-17 production during the development of reactive arthritis

Ricardo J. Eliçabe, Ethelina Cargnelutti, María I. Serer, Patricia Stege, Susana R Valdez, Marta A. Toscano, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & María S. Di Genaro

Journal of Immunology(2010) 185: 4485-4495.

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Linking structure and thermal stability to ligand binding and dimerization equilibrium of galectin-1, a multifunctional beta-galactoside-binding protein

Santiago Di Lella, Marcelo Martí, Diego Croci, Carlos Guardia, Juan Díaz-Ricci, Gabriel Rabinovich, Julio Caramelo & Darío Estrin

Biochemistry (2010) 49:7652-7658.

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Delineating the intracellular signaling pathways triggered by galectin-glycan interactions

Diego Laderach, Daniel Compagno, Marta Toscano, Diego Croci,Sebsatián Dergan-Dylon, Mariana Salatino, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

IUBMB Life(2010) 62:1-13.

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Galectins: regulators of acute and chronic inflammation

Fu-Tong. Liu & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Annals NY Academy of Science (2010) 1183: 158-182.

Special supplement The Immunology of the Year 2009.

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‘Time-sweet-time’: circadian characterization of galectin-1 null mice

Leandro P. Casiraghi, Diego O. Croci, Francoise Poirier, Gabriel Rabinovich & Diego A. Golombek

Journal of Circadian Rhythms (2010) 19: 8:4

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Multiple functional targets of the immunoregulatory potential of galectin-1: control of immune cell trafficking, dendritic cell physiology and T cell fate

Dianne Cooper, Juan Ilarregui, Susana Pesoa, Diego O. Croci, Mauro Perretti & Gabriel Rabinovich

Methods in Enzymology (2010) 480:199-232.

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Galectin-3 induces a distinctive pattern of cytokine and chemokine production in rheumatoid synovial fibroblasts via selective signalling pathways.

Andrew D. Filer, Magdalena Bik, Greg N. Parsonage, John Fitton, Emily Trebilcock, Katherine Howlett, Karin Raza, David L. Simons, Mike Salmon, Dagmar Scheel-Toellner, Janet M. Lord, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Christopher D. Buckley

Arthritis & Rheumatism(2009) 60:1604-1614

read more >

Tumor-experienced activated T cells modulate NKG2D- and NKp46-dependent NK cell functions through trogocytosis of specific ligands from the tumor cell surface

Carolina I. Domaica, Mercedes Fuertes, Maria V. Girart, Lucas Rossi, Damián Avila, Gabriel Rabinovich, Norberto Zwirner

EMBO Reports (2009) 10: 908–915

read more >

Conveying glycan-containing information into t-cell homeostatic programs: a challenging role of galectin-1 in inflammatory and tumor microenvironments

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Juan M. Ilarregui

Immunological Reviews(2009) 230: 144-159.

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Guidelines for the use and interpretation of assays for monitoring cell death in higher eukaryotes.

Lorenzo Galluzzi, John Abrams, Emad S. Alnemri, Eric H. Baehrecke, Mikhail V. Blagosklonny, Catherine Brenner, Maria Castedo, Ruggero de Maria, Wafik S. El-Deiry, Simone Fulda, Carmen Garrido, Pierre Golstein, Douglas R. Green, Hinrich Gronemeyer, Michael Hengartner, Marja Jäättelä, Oliver Kepp, Daniel J. Klionsky, Richard A. Knight, Sally Kornbluth, Peter H. Krammer, Sharad Kumar, Stuart A. Lipton, Frank Madeo, Walter Malorni, Patrick Mehlen, Gerry Melino, Eugenia Morselli, Pierluigi Nicotera, Gabriel Nuñez, Josef Penninger, Marcus E. Peter, Mauro Piacentini, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Guy S. Salvesen, Luca Scorrano, Hans-Uwe Simon, Andreas Strasser, Jürg Tschopp, Peter Vandenabeele, Andreas Villunger, Junying Yuan, Boris Zhivotovsky & Guido Kroemer

Cell Death and Differentiation (2009)16:1093-107

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Critical role of the solvent environment in galectin-1 binding to its specific disaccharide lactose

Santiago Di Lella, Lu Ma, Juan C. Diaz-Ricci, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Sanford A. Asher, & R. Maria S. Alvarez

Biochemistry (2009) 48:786-791.

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Synthetic inhibitors of galectins-1 and -3 selectively modulate different steps of tumor progression

Ida Iurisci , Albana Cumashi, , Andrei A. Sherman, Nicola Tinari, Enza Piccolo, Maurizia D’Egidio, Yury E. Tsvetkov, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Nikolay E. Nifantiev & Stefano Iacobelli,

Anticancer Research (2009)29:403-410.

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Duodenal intraepithelial intestinal lymphocytes from food allergy patients selectively bind the glycan-binding protein galectin-3

Natalia Mercer, Ricardo Drut, Cueto Rua, Liliana Guzman, Marta Toscano, Gabriel Rabinovich, Guillemo H Docena

International Journal of Immunopathology & Pharmacology (2009) 22:207-217.

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The immunoregulatory glycan-binding protein galectin-1 triggers human platelet activation.

Natalia Pacienza, Roberto G Pozner, Germán A. Bianco, ,Lina Paola D'Atri, Diego O. Croci, Soledad Negrotto ,Elisa Malaver, Ricardo M. Gómez, Gabriel A. Rabinovich* , Mirta Schattner*

FASEB Journal (2008) 22:1113-1123 (* equal contribution).

Highlighted by the 1000 Faculty Biology.

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Galectin-1 as a therapeutic target in autoimmune disorders and cancer

Mariana Salatino, Diego Croci, Germán Bianco, Juan Ilarregui, Marta Toscano & Gabriel Rabinovich

Expert Opinion Biological Therapies.2008 8:45-57.

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Control of dendritic cell maturation and function by triiodothyronine (T3)

Iván Mascanfroni, S. Susperreguy, Juan M. Ilarregui, Susana Montesinos, Laura Cervi, Ana Repiso, Hector Targovnik, Gabriel Rabinovich & Claudia Pellizas

FASEB Journal (2008) 22:1032-1042 .

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Galectins: structure, function and therapeutic potential

Ri-Yao Yang, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Fu-Tong Liu

Expert Reviews Molecular Medicine (2008)13;10:e17

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Intracellular retention of MICA in melanomas prevents recognition by NK cells: novel tumor immune escape mechanism

Mercedes B Fuertes, Luciana L Molinero, María V Girart, Carolina Domaica, Marcela Barrio, José Mordoh, Gabriel A Rabinovich &Norberto W Zwirner

Journal of Immunology (2008) 180:4606-4614.

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Apoptosis resistance in HIV-1 persistently-infected cells is independent of active viral replication and involves modulation of the apoptotic mitochondrial pathway

Pablo N Fernández Larrosa, Diego Croci, Diego Riva, Mariel Bibini, Renata Luzzi, Mónica Saracco, Susana Mersich, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Liliana Martínez Peralta.

Retrovirology(2008) 5:19doi:10.1186/1742-4690-5-19

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AP1-dependent galectin-1 expression delineates classical Hodgkin and anaplastic large cell lymphomas from other tumors with shared molecular features.

Scott J. Rodig, Jing Ouyang, Przemyslaw Juszczynski, Treeve Currie, Kenneth Law, Donna S. Neuberg, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Margaret A. Shipp & Jeffery L. Kutok

Clinical Cancer Research (2008) 14: 3338-3344.

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Silencing survivin gene expression inhibits proliferation and promotes apoptosis of breast cancer cells by a caspase-independent pathway

Diego O. Croci, Ingrid S. Cogno, Natalia B. Rumie Vittar, Edgardo Salvatierra, Osvaldo L. Podhajcer, Eduardo Osinaga, Viviana A. Rivarola, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Journal of Cell Biochemistry (2008)105: 381-390.

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Altered expression of galectin-3 induces cortical thymocyte depletion and premature exit of immature thymocytes during Trypanosoma cruzi infection

Elizangela Silva-Monteiro, Luciana Reis-Lorenzato, Oscar Kenji-Nihei, Mara Junqueira, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Dan Hsu, Fu-Tong Liu, Wilson Savino, Roger Chammas & Dea M. Serra Villa-Verde

American Journal of Pathology (2007) 170:546-556.

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TGF-βeta1 regulates galectin-1 expression in metastatic mammary adenocarcinoma cells: implications for tumor-immune escape

M. Cecilia Daroqui, Juan M. Ilarregui, Natalia Rubinstein, Mariana Salatino, Marta Toscano, Paula Vazquez, Lidia Puricelli, Elisa Bal de Kier-Joffe & Gabriel Rabinovich

Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy(2007) 56:491-499.

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Functions of galectin-glycoprotein lattices

Gabriel Rabinovich, Marta Toscano, Shawn Jackson & Gerardo Vasta

Current Opinion Structural Biology (2007) 17:513-520

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A comparative study of the antiinflammatory, anticoagulant and antiangiogenic activities of selected fucoidans isolated from brown seaweeds

Albana Cumashi, Natalia A. Ushakova, Marina E. Preobrazhenskaya, Armida D’Incecco, Antonio Piccoli, Licia Totani, Nicola Tinari, Galina E. Morozevich, Albert E. Berman, Maria I. Bilan, Anatolii I. Usov, Nadezhda E. Ustuzhanina, Craig J. Sanderson, Maeve Kelly, Gabriel Rabinovich, Stefano Iacobelli &Nikolay E. Nifantiev

Glycobiology (2007)17:541-552

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Dissecting the pathophysiologic role of endogenous lectins: glycan-binding proteins with cytokine-like activity?

Marta A. Toscano, Juan M. Ilarregui,Germán Bianco, Diego Croci Russo, Leonardo Campagna, , Mariana Salatino & Gabriel Rabinovich

Cytokines and Growth Factors Rev (2007) 18: 57-71.

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Galectins: matricellular glycan-binding proteins linking cell adhesion, migration and survival

Maria T. Elola, Carlota W. Todel, Gerardo Vasta & Gabriel Rabinovich

Cellular & Molecular Life Sciences (2007) 64:1670-700.

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An emerging role for galectins in tuning the immune response: Lessons from experimental models of inflammatory disease, autoimmunity and cancer

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Fu-Tong Liu, Mitsuomi Hirashima & Ana Anderson

Scandinavian Journal of Immunology (2007) 6:6143-158

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Galectin-1 expression in human glioma cells: modulation by ionizing radiation and effects on tumor cell proliferation and migration.

Herwig M. Strik, Katharina Schmidt, Paul Lingor, Lars Tonges, Wilfried Kugler, Mirko Nitsche, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Mathias Bähr

Oncology Reports (2007) 18:483-488.

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Low doses cyclophosphamide modulates expression and function of galectin-1 in an experimental lymphoma model

Mariano Zacarías, María J. Rico, Silvia I. Gervasoni, Juan M. Ilarregui, Marta Toscano, Gabriel Rabinovich, Graciela Scharovsky.

Cancer Immunoloogy and Immunotherapy(2007) 56:237-248.

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Synthetic lactulose amines: novel class of anticancer agents that induce tumor-cell apoptosis and inhibit galectin-mediated homotypic cell aggregation and endothelial cell morphogenesis

Gabriel Rabinovich, Albana Cumashi, Germán A. Bianco, Domenico Ciavardelli, Ida Iurisci, Maurizia D´Egidio, Enza Piccolo, Nicola Tinari, Nikolay Nifantiev & Stefano Iacobelli

Glycobiology (2006) 16: 210-220

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Overexpression of inducible nitric oxide synthase and cyclooxygenase-2 in rat zinc-deficient lung: involvement of a NF-κb- dependent pathway

Nidia N. Gomez, Roberto C. Davicino, Veronica S. Biaggio, German A. Bianco, Silvina M. Alvarez, Patricia Fischer Lucas Masnatta, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & María S. Gimenez

Nitric oxide (2006) 14: 30-38

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Circulating anti-galectin-1 autoantibodies are associated with the severity of ocular disease in autoimmune and infectious uveitis

Marta Romero, Juan.C. Muiñio, Germán A. Bianco, Mercedes Ferrero, Claudio P. Juarez, José D. Luna &Gabriel Rabinovich

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences (2006) 47:1550-1556.

Highlighted in “Inside IOVS section”.

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Impact of protein-glycan interactions in the regulation of autoimmune and chronic inflammatory disorders

Germán Bianco, Juan M. Ilarregui, Marta A. Toscano & Gabriel Rabinovich,

Autoimmunity Rev (2006) 5:349-356.

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Galectin-1 sensitizes resting human T lymphocytes to Fas (CD95)-mediated cell death via mitochondrial hyperpolarization, budding and fission

Paola Matarrese, Antonella Tinari, Elisabetta Mormone, Germán Bianco, Marta Toscano, Gabriel A. Rabinovich*, Walter Malorni*

Journal of Biological Chemistry (2005) 280: 6969-6985 (*equal contribution).

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Administration of a peptide inhibitor of alpha-4 integrin inhibits the development of experimental autoimmune uveitis

Andrea P. Martín, Luciana V. de Moraes, Carlos E. Tadokoro, Alessandra G. Commodaro, Enrique Urrets-Zavalia, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Julio Urrets-Zavalia, Luis V Rizzo & Horacio M. Serra.

Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (2005) 46: 2056-2063.

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The coming of age of galectins as immunomodulatory agents: impact of these carbohydrate-binding proteins in T-cell physiology, and chronic inflammatory disorders

Juan M. Ilarregui, Germán Bianco, Marta A. Toscano & Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Annals Rheumatic Diseases (2005) 64: 96-103

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Regulated expression of galectin-1 after in vitro productive infection with Herpes Simplex virus type I: implications for T cell apoptosis

María I. Gonzalez, Natalia Rubinstein, Juan M. Ilarregui , Marta Toscano, Norberto Sanjuan & Gabriel Rabinovich

International Journal of Immunopathology & Pharmacology (2005) 18:615-623.

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Galectin-3 and soluble fibrinogen act in concert to modulate neutrophil activation and survival: involvement of alternative MAPK pathways

Gabriela C. Fernández; Juan M. Ilarregui, Carolina Rubel; Marta Toscano, Sonia Gómez, Macarena Beiger, Martín A. Isturiz, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Marina S. Palermo.

Glycobiology (2005) 15: 519-527.

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Galectin-1 as a potential cancer target

Gabriel A. Rabinovich

British Journal of Cancer (2005) 92:1188-1192.

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Galectins as immunoregulators during infectious processes: from microbial invasion to the resolution of the disease

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Adriana Gruppi

Parasite Immunology (2005) 27:103-114.

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Galectin-3 mediates interleukin-4-induced survival and differentiation of B cells: functional cross-talk and implications during Trypanosoma cruzi infection

Eva V Acosta-Rodríguez, Carolina L Montes, Claudia C Motrán; Elina I Zuniga; Fu-Tong Liu, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Adriana Gruppi

Journal of Immunology (2004) 172: 493-502.

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Shedding light on the immunomodulatory properties of galectins: novel regulators of innate and adaptive immune responses

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Marta Toscano, Juan M. Ilarregui & Natalia Rubinstein

Glycoconjugate Journal(2004) 19:565-573

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NF-kappa B regulates expression of the MHC class I-related chain A (MICA) gene in activated T lymphocytes

Luciana Molinero, Mercedes Fuertes, Victoria Girart, Leonardo Fainboim, Gabriel Rabinovich, Mónica Costas & Norberto Zwirner

Journal of Immunology (2004) 173 5583-5590

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Identification of RANTES as a novel immunomodulator of the maternal allogeneic response

Rosanna Ramhorst, Verónica García, Adriana Corigliano, Gabriel Rabinovich, Leonardo Fainboim

Clinical Immunology (2004) 110: 71-80

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The role of galectins in the initiation, amplification and resolution of the inflammatory response

Natalia Rubinstein, Juan M. Ilarregui, Marta Toscano & Gabriel Rabinovich

Tissue Antigens (2004) 64:1-12.

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Regulated expression of galectin-1 during T cell activation involves Lck and Fyn kinases and signaling through MEK1/ERK, p38 MAP kinase and P70-S6 kinase

Mercedes B. Fuertes, Luciana Molinero, Marta Toscano, Juan M. Ilarregui, Natalia Rubinstein, Leonardo Fainboim, Norberto Zwirner & Gabriel Rabinovich

Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry (2004) 267: 177-185.

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Galectin-1 suppresses experimental colitis in mice

Luca Santucci, Stefano Fiorucci, Natalia Rubinstein, Andrea Mencarelli, Barbara Palazetti, Barbara Federici, Gabriel Rabinovich& Antonio Morelli

Gastroenterology (2003) 124:1381-1394.

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Regulated expression and ultrastructural localization of galectin-1, a pro-apoptotic β-galactoside-binding lectin, during spermatogenesis in rat testis

Luis Dettin, Natalia Rubinstein, Agustín Aoki, Gabriel Rabinovich, Cristina Maldonado

Biology of Reproduction (2003) 68:51-59.

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Upregulated expression of MICA on activated T lymphocytes involves Lck and Fyn kinases and signaling through MEK1/ERK, p38 MAP kinase and calcineurin

Luciana L Molinero, Mercedes Fuertes, Leonardo Fainboim, Gabriel Rabinovich & Norberto W. Zwirner.

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2003) 73:815-822.

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Characterization and functional significance of glucocorticoid receptors in patients with major depression: modulation by antidepressant treatment

Gastón Calfa, Silvia Kademian, Danilo Ceschin, Gustavo Vega, Gabriel Rabinovich & Marta Volosín.

Psychoneuroendocrinology (2003) 28: 687-701.

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Opposite effects of galectin-1 on alternative metabolic pathways of L-arginine in resident, inflammatory and activated macrophages

Silvia G. Correa, Claudia E. Sotomayor, María P. Aoki , Cristina Maldonado, & Gabriel Rabinovich

Glycobiology (2003) 13:119-128.

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Induction of allogeneic T-cell hyporesponsiveness by galectin-1-mediated apoptotic and non-apoptotic mechanisms

Gabriel Rabinovich, Rosanna Ramhorst, Natalia Rubinstein, Adriana Corigliano, Cecilia Daroqui, Elisa Bal de Kier & Leonardo Fainboim

Cell Death & Differentiation (2002) 9:661-670.

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Galectin and their ligands: amplifiers, silencers, or tuners of the inflammatory response?

Gabriel Rabinovich, Linda G. Baum, Nicola Tinari, Roberto Paganelli, Clara Natoli, Fu-Tong Liu & Stefano Iacobelli

Trends in Immunology (2002) 23: 313-320.

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The anti-metastatic effect of a single low dose of cyclophosphamide involves modulation of galectin-1 and Bcl-2 expression

Gabriel Rabinovich, Natalia Rubinstein, Pablo Matar, Viviana Rozados, Silvia Gervasoni & Graciela Scharovsky

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy (2002) 50: 587-603.

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Unlocking the secrets of galectins: a challenge at the frontier of glyco-immunology

Gabriel Rabinovich, Natalia Rubinstein, Leonardo Fainboim

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2002) 71: 741-75

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Role of galectins in inflammatory and immunomodulatory processes

Gabriel Rabinovich, Natalia Rubinstein & Marta Toscano

Biochemical et Biophysical Acta (2002) 1572: 273-283.

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Bone-specific antibodies in sera from patients with celiac disease: characterization and implications in osteoporosis

Emilia Sugai, Alejandra Cherñavsky, Silvia Pedreira, Edgardo Smecuol, Horacio Vasquez, Sonia Niveloni, Roberto Mazure, Eduardo Mauriño, Gabriel Rabinovich & Julio C. Bai.

Journal of Clinical Immunology (2002) 22: 353-3

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Anti-galectin-1 autoantibodies in Trypanosoma cruzi infection: differential expresion of this β-galactoside-binding protein in cardiac Chagas’ disease.

Laura Giordanengo, Susana Gea, Gustavo Barbieri & Gabriel Rabinovich

Clinical and Experimental Immunology (2001) 124: 9-21.

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Expression of galectins-1 and -3 correlates with defective mononuclear cell apoptosis in patients with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Miroslav Hajarcek, Diaz Cano D, De Miguel M, Wolfe H, Cristina Maldonado & Gabriel Rabinovich

Journal of Rheumatology (2001) 28:1914-1922.

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Regulated expression of galectin-1 during B cell activation and implications for T-cell apoptosis

Elina Zúñiga, Gabriel Rabinovich, Mercedes Iglesias & Adriana Gruppi.

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (2001) 70:70-73

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Regulated expression and effect of galectin-1 on Trypanosoma cruzi-infected macrophages: modulation of microbicidal activity and survival

Elina Zúñiga, Adriana Gruppi, Jun Hirabayashi, Ken I Kasai & Gabriel Rabinovich

Infection and Immunity, (2001) 69:6589-6598.

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Evidence of a role for galectin-1 in acute inflammation

Gabriel Rabinovich, Claudia Sotomayor, Clelia Riera, Ismael Bianco & Silvia Correa

European Journal of Immunology (2000) 30: 1331-1339.

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Molecular mechanisms implicated in galectin-1-induced apoptosis: activation of the AP-1 transcription factor and downregulation of Bcl-2

Gabriel Rabinovich, Claudio Alonso, Claudia Sotomayor, Sandra. Durand, José L. Bocco & Clelia Riera.

Cell Death & Differentiation (2000) 7: 747-753.

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Specific inhibition of T cell adhesion to extracellular matrix and pro-inflammatory cytokine secretion by human recombinant galectin-1.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Amiram Ariel, Rami Hershkowiz, Jun Hirabayashi, Ken Ichi Kasai & Ofer Lider

Immunology (1999) 97:100-106.

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Immunocytochemical study of the distribution of a 16-kDa galectin in the chicken retina

Cristina Maldonado, Leonardo Castagna, Gabriel Rabinovich & Carlos Landa.

Investigative Ophtalmology & Visual Science (1999) 40: 2971-2977.

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Galectins: an evolutionarily conserved family of animal lectins with multifunctional properties: a trip from the gene to clinical therapy

Gabriel Rabinovich.

Cell Death & Differentiation (1999) 6:711-721.

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Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor protects dendritic cells from liposome-encapsulated dichloromethylene diphosphonate-induced apoptosis by a Bcl-2 mediated pathway.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Clelia M. Riera & Pablo Iribarren.

European Journal of Immunology (1999) 29:563-570.

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Activated rat macrophages produce a galectin-1-like protein that induces apoptosis of T cells: biochemical and functional characterization.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Maria M. Iglesias, Nidia M. Modesti, Leonardo F. Castagna, Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel , Clelia M. Riera, Claudia E. Sotomayor.

Journal of Immunology (1998) 160: 4831-4840.

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Purification of galectin-3 from ovine placenta: developmentally regulated expression and immunological relevance.

Mercedes Iglesias, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Andrea Ambrosio, Leonardo Castagna, Claudia Sotomayor & Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel.

Glycobiology(1998) 8, 59-65.

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Galectin-1 from ovine placenta. Complete primary structure, physicochemical properties, and implications in T cell death.

Mercedes Iglesias, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Valeria Ivanovic, Claudia Sotomayor & Carlota Wolfenstein-Todel.

European Journal of Biochemistry (1998) 252: 400-407.

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Specific inhibition of lymphocyte proliferation and induction of apoptosis by CLL-1, a β -galactoside binding lectin.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Nidia Modesti, Leonardo Castagna, Carlos Landa, Clelia Riera & Claudia Sotomayor.

Journal of Biochemistry (1997) 122: 365-373.

Distinguished with the JB Award (Best paper published in the journal in 1997).

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Regulated expression of a 16-kD galectin-like protein in activated rat macrophages.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Leonardo Castagna, Carlos Landa, Clelia M. Riera & Claudia Sotomayor.

Journal of Leukocyte Biology (1996) 59:363-369.

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Specials Articles

Immunology south of the equator in the Americas

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Alexis Kalergis, Norberto W. Zwirner, Wilson Savino

Nature Immunology (2008) 9:1087-1090.

read more >

State of the union: Glycobiology and Immunology at canadian rockies

Brian A. Cobb, Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Yvette van Kooyk

Glycobiology, (2011) 21: 545–546.

Highlights of the First Keystone Symposium on Glycoimmunology.

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Cytokines coming of age in South America

Gabriel Rabinovich

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Nobel prize for immunologists: dendritic cells and the renaiscence of innate immunity

Gabriel Rabinovich & Jorge Geffner

Medicina (Buenos Aires) (2011) 71:573-5777.

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Edited Books

“Molecular Immunopathology: From basic research to clinical medicine”

Gabriel A. Rabinovich

Editorial Médica Panamericana (1st Ed.) Buenos Aires, Argentina; Madrid, Spain. 60 Chapters (ISBN 950.06-1868-0). April 2004. 680 pages. For advanced students, biologists, biochemists.

“Qué es el Sistema Immune”

Authors: Gabriel A. Rabinovich and Jorge Geffner

Editorial: Paidos (1st Ed.) Buenos Aires, Argentina (Isbn: 9789501201741) Octubre 2014. For students, popular audience and teachers.

selected chapters

Protein-glycan interactions in immunoregulation: galectins as tuners of the inflammatory response.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Marta A. Toscano.

In: "Glycobiology" (Ch. 14). C. Sansom and O. Markzman, eds. Scion Publishing Ltd. UK. (2006) 1st. Ed. 450pp. ISBN 1904842275

Solving the puzzle of tumor-immune escape piece by piece: galectin-1 and the programmed death ligand-1

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, and Thomas Gajewski.

. In: "Cancer Immunotherapy: Immunosuppression and Tumor Growth". Elizabeth Jaffe & George C. Prendergast, eds. Elsevier; 428pp. 2007- ISBN-13: 978-0-12-372551-8.

Dissecting the role of galectins in tumor progression and tumor-immune escape

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Fu-Tong Liu.

In: “Tumor-Induced Immune Suppression. Mechanisms and Therapeutic Reversal” Gabrilovich, Dmitry I & Hurwitz, Arthur, eds. 295pp. Springer, New York.2008-ISBN: 978-0-387-69117-6

Galectins as novel regulators of immune cell homeostasis and inflammation.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Marta Toscano, Juan Ilarregui and Linda Baum.

In: "Animal Lectins: A Functional View", 1st Ed. (2008). G.R. Vasta & H. Ahmed, eds. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishers. ISBN: 978-0-8493-7269-8.

Animal models for assessing biological roles of lectins

Hafiz Ahmed, Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Shawn Jackson, Mariana Salatino, Keiko Saito, Germán Bianco, Satoshi Tasumi, Shao-J Du and Gerardo Vasta.

In: "Animal Lectins: A Functional View", 1st Ed. (2008) G.R. Vasta and H. Ahmed, eds. CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Publishers ISBN: 978-0-8493-7269-8.

Galectins as danger signals in host-pathogen and host-tumor interactions: new members of the growing family of alarmins?

Gabriel A. Rabinovich & Sachiko Sato.

. In: “Galectins”. Anatole Klyosov, Zbigniew J, Witczak and David Platt, eds. Publishers: John Wiley & Sons Inc, New Jersey, ACS Series-.288 pp.2008. ISBN: 978-0-470-37318-7

Control of gene expression in the immune system.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Marta Toscano & Norberto W. Zwirner

In “Introduction to Human Immunology”. 6th Ed. Fainboim, Geffner, eds. Editorial Médica Panamericana, Buenos Aires. ISBN 978-950-06-0270-9.

Cancer and immunity.

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Juan M. Ilarregui & Mariana Salatino

In “Introduction to Human Immunology”. 6th. Ed. Fainboim, Geffner, eds. Editorial Médica Panamericana, Buenos Aires. ISBN 978-950-06-0270-9.

Advances in immunobiology: integrating the universe of effector and regulatory cells

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Susana Pesoa & Diego Croci.

In “Clinical Neuroimmunology”.1st. Ed, 2010.Correale, Vila, Garcea, Eds., Editorial Médica Panamericana; Buenos Aires. ISBN 9789500601566

Emerging concepts in immunology and applications to rheumatology

Gabriel A. Rabinovich, Susana Pesoa, Juan P. Cerliani

In “Rheumatology: from diagnostic to clinics”. Gustavo Nazwetter, Ed. Editorial Akadia, 2012, In press.

Galectins: key players in the tumor microenvironment

Victoria Sundblad, Veronique Mathieu, Robert Kiss Gabriel A. Rabinovich.

In: "Cancer Immunotherapy: Immunosuppression and Tumor Growth". Elizabeth Jaffe & George C. Prendergast, eds. Elsevier2012, 2nd. Edition; In press.

Defining the fate and function of effector T cells through galectin-1 – galectin-1 ligand binding interactions: implications in tumor immunity

Charles Dmitroff and Gabriel Rabinovich

In: “Tumor-Induced Immune Suppression. Mechanisms and Therapeutic Reversal”
Gabrilovich, Dmitry I.; Hurwitz, Arthur A. (Eds.) 2013, Springer, 2da. Edición
In press

Immunoglycobiology: An Overview

Ada G. Blidner, Juan M. Ilarregui, Gabriel A. Rabinovich

In: “Glycoscience: Biology and Medicine”. DOI 10.1007/978-4-431-54836-2_132-1, Springer Japan 2014. In press