Gabriel Adrian Rabinovich

NAS Member

Dr. Rabinovich was elected member of the National Academy of Sciences. You can follow the ceremony by online streaming this Saturday, April the 29th. To know the Link and more information continue reading.

NAS Member

The next Saturday April 29th, at 8 pm Washington DC time, Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich will be incorporated as a Foreign Associate of The National Academy of Sciences (NAS). The National Academy of Sciences was established in 1863 by Abraham Lincoln and is composed by the best national and international scientists, including 500 Nobel laureates. This is one of the biggest honors of a scientific career. The nomination process is long and competitive constituted by interdisciplinary committees that rigorously evaluate every scientist proposed by its pairs.

From the beggining of its PhD studies on the Clinical Biochemistry Department of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences from the National University of Córdoba (1992-1999), then as a post-doctoral fellow on the Immunogenetic Division of the “José de San Martín” Clinical Hospital (1999-2006) and currently as director of the Immunopathology Laboratory from the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine (2007-present) and full profesor of the Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires, Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich and his team discovered the function of Galectins, proteins involved in the regulation of the immune response that play a central role in tumor escape, inflammation, autoimmunity and infections. The work of Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich allowed the design of new therapeutic strategies to treat these pathologies (for more information go to the National Academy of Sciences web site:

During the ceremony, Dr. Rabinovich will sign the book of Abraham Lincoln and will be honored with a gala dinner along with the other nominated collegues from around the world. The ceremony can be followed by online streaming from the National Academy of Sciences web site (